Here is the Tentative Schedule for the First Semester. Things may change but this will give you a good idea of what to be ready for!

We’re here for you! Here are some resources that may be helpful in your match.

Not sure what to do with your mentee? Have you been playing the same game over and over? Here are some activity ideas to help! Just let us know if you need supplies! 


November Mentoring Tips

  • Sign in at your school office
  • Check in with your mentee’s teacher once a month
  • Play a different game each time you see your mentee
  • Reach out to the MentoringWorks staff if you need or want anything for an activity for your mentee. We will be happy to bring you supplies the supplies!
  • Check out our Pinterest for more ideas!

# of Mentors Needed at HPS


# of Mentors Needed at St. Cecilia


# of Mentors Needed at Blue Hill


What do Mentees think of their Mentors?

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