February 2019

Ellie Norlen and Bella McCutchan

These girls have been matched since the beginning of the school year and have become fast friends. Ellie has begun to teach Bella how to sew and are in the process of making a blanket. Ellie has also been able to help Bella fix her winter coat! How awesome! These girls know how to have fun and look great while doing it. We are so thankful for you both to be in our program!

Jessica Klaudt and Abigail Todd

Jessica and Abigail started meeting together in the fall of 2017 while Abigail was attending school at AC Wallace. Jessica and Abigail quickly created a great relationship through crafts and other fun activities. With the new AC Elementary school, the girls have continued to build their friendship in a brand new place. Even with a busy schedule, Jessica is always at her meetings and is always creative in thinking of activities to do with Abigail. Thanks for being one of our great matches, Jessica and Abigail! 

January 2019

Emily Tackwell and Kelsey Kamarad

Emily and Kelsey were matched earlier this year and have quickly created a friendship together. They love to make slime, talk, and spend time together.

Brenden Smith and Jameson Still

Brenden and Jameson began meeting in the fall of 2017. They love to play outside, play chess and other board games. It is safe to say that these guys have become great friends!

December 2018

Emily Ernst and Marisa Dyess

Emily Ernst (mentor) and Marisa Dyess (mentee) have quickly formed a bond that is clear for anyone to see. They love to craft and color. Marrissa’s mother has commented on how much fun Marrissa has with Emily and says that she can see her self-confidence growing each week.

“I love being a mentor. It is so much fun. It is kind of a break from a busy life. Marisa is so excited to see me every time I come to visit her” -Emily Ernst


Emma Markle and Amya Dahms

Landon Power and Jeffrey Patten

Landon Power (mentor) and Jeffrey Patton (mentee) have been actively meeting every week since their initial match meeting in September. Their families were also able to meet each other at our first ever Match Night!

“I really love getting to go back to an elementary shcool atmosphere to hang out with basically a miniature version of myself. Even thought Jeffrey has beaten me at about every board game there is, I have so much fun spending time with and getting to know him.” -Landon

Davis Turpen and Caden Reents

November 2018

Emma Markle and Amya Dahms

Emma and Amya were matched earlier this year and have quickly built an amazing friendship. Emma and Amya have made slime and painted pumpkins together. They have really dived in head first and are making this match a success for both of them.

Emma Markle and Amya Dahms
Emma Markle and Amya Dahms

Davis Turpen and Caden Reents

Our first match is a match that started meeting last year. With over 25 meetings under their belts, Davis Turpen and Caden Reents have proven the stability of the program, and they are a great example for all of our mentors and mentees and youth in the community.

CR & Davis - Lincoln (1)
Davis Turpen and Caden Reents